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21 January 2022

Consumer and Business Services is stepping up its efforts to help reunite tenants with millions of dollars in unclaimed bonds. 

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said the process for claiming unclaimed bonds has been simplified to help people determine whether they're owed money and, if so, how to lodge a claim. 

"Every year, we return tens of millions of dollars in bond money to tenants but there are times when that money simply isn't claimed," he said.

"This can happen for a number of reasons - for example, people may have provided incorrect banking details or there's no forwarding address or phone number for CBS to contact them.

"To make the process easier for people wishing to find out if they are owed money, CBS has simplified the process to help those who are entitled to a refund.

"You can now go to the CBS website and find out if you are owed money. Simply enter the details of your tenancy, including the street address of the property, your full name and contact details.

"If money is owed, you can apply online." 

To search the register, visit the Residential Bonds Online portal

If you require assistance, contact CBS on 131 882.