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CBS updates
25 September 2017

Australia Post have updated the design of the Keypass ID card. Make sure licensed venue staff are aware.

The Keypass card is a valid ID used to verify proof of age and identity throughout Australia and is valid for 5 years. It is a common ID used by patrons over 18 years of age to enter licensed premises or to purchase liquor.

The design of the card was updated in October 2017 and venues throughout South Australia will see patrons presenting both the old and new cards as an accepted form of ID.

Licensees need to ensure staff are aware of the change in design and the continued acceptance of both the new and old Keypass cards.

The newly released cards display the exact same identity details as the previous design including customer name, date of birth, the person’s photo, residential address and unique Keypass card number for authenticity.

 For more information about Keypass, see the Australia Post website.