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1 September 2017

Almost 400 showbags and more than 1500 individual items have been inspected in preparation for the opening of this year’s Royal Adelaide Show.

Consumer and Business Services Product Safety Officers have inspected the safety and labelling of items within showbags, to either remove or modify potentially unsafe items to ensure South Australians can purchase worry-free.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said that six items with incorrect labelling and potential safety issues had been removed.

Of greatest concern was the inclusion of spray paint cans in two different showbags, as well as incorrectly labelled goods such as sunglasses and make-up, a toy Stanley knife with a sharp tip and an umbrella with accessible sharp points.

Mr Soulio said it was important all items sold met Australian product safety standards.

“We have worked to remove items we consider dangerous or unsafe, but at the same time, encourage parents to keep sharp or easily broken items away from young children to prevent injuries and potentially harmful safety issues,” he said.

“This year, the officers raised concerns with the supply of spray paint in two showbags, and we certainly do not support the supply and distribution of spray paint which may end up in the hands of young children.

“Our officers also had concerns with items that had easily detachable parts which revealed sharp points, so we have worked with the providers to either remove or rectify the problems.”

Product Safety Officers from Consumer and Business Services will be present at the 2017 Royal Adelaide Show.

Consumers with product safety concerns should contact CBS on 131 882 or visit cbs.sa.gov.au