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1 July 2011

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Paul White has announced that Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will be enforcing a ban on ‘bling’ babies’ dummies and chains.

The ban was announced by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer late yesterday.

The dummies and dummy chains are decorated with crystals, beads and other ‘bling’ which pose a serious choking threat to babies when the ‘bling’ decorations separate from the dummy or chain when used or cleaned.

Mr White said, “The dummies and chains have been tested and failed the mandatory safety requirements for both toys for dummies and children under 3 years.”

“Following an investigation by NSW Fair Trading, Consumer and Business Services Safety officers met with other Australian Consumer Law regulators yesterday and agreed to impose an interim Australia-wide ban to be implemented by the Commonwealth.

“The ban takes effect immediately, and will initially remain in force for 60 days while a permanent ban, safety standard or other action is considered,” the Commissioner said.

“CBS Product Safety officers commenced market surveillance yesterday and will continue to monitor for illegal supply of the products. To date, none of the products have been detected in the SA market place.

“Appropriate action will be taken against any trader found to be selling these dangerous products.”

Maximum penalties for supplying goods covered by an interim ban are $1.1m for a company or $220,000 for a person. Expiation fines of $1200 may be issued for less serious offences.

Consumers who have concerns about bling dummies and dummy chains may contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882 for advice, or visit the Product Safety Australia website at www.productsafety.gov.au.