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9 November 2012

The Deputy Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio has reminded South Australians to remain vigilant this summer and keep an eye out for people posing as tradespeople who offer great deals but fail to deliver.

The growth in travelling con men scams involving bitumen laying, roof painting and back of truck deals on electrical goods has led to development of a national strategy to raise public awareness and stop the scammers in their tracks.

“Travelling con men typically use State and Territory borders to escape detection by authorities,” Mr Soulio said.

“For this reason, the Australian State and Territory consumer protection agencies have joined forces to stop the scams spreading and bring the offenders before the courts.

The national Stop travelling conmen campaign was launched in October 2011.

Householders should watch out for:
•    Doorknockers pressuring you to hand over cash for goods or services
•    Doorknockers claiming to represent the local council or the Government, but with no proof of ID from their employer
•    Requests to enter your home to check or install something

Members of the public should try to note the person’s name, appearance, vehicle make, colour and registration number.

“As part of the national campaign, a hotline has been set up urging people to come forward with information and report suspicious tradespeople,” Mr Soulio said.

“Social media is also playing a key role with the creation of a Facebook page, Stoptravellingconmen, which includes an interactive map to see where the scams are being reported and the types of scams.”

”I strongly encourage anyone who has been approached or who has information about suspicious tradespersons to call the national hotline on 1300 133 408 and also alert local police.”

View a video on how to identify travelling conmen at www.ocba.sa.gov.au/scams/travellingconmen.html