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18 November 2019

Changes to South Australia’s liquor licensing regime – including a new fee and licensing structure – are now in effect.

The changes form part of the final round of liquor licensing reforms stemming from the 2016 review of the licensing framework undertaken by retired Supreme Court Justice the Hon Tim Anderson QC. 

The new licence categories, coming into effect from 18 November 2019 are:

  • general and hotel 
  • on premises 
  • residential 
  • restaurant and catering 
  • club 
  • small venue 
  • packaged liquor sales 
  • liquor production and sales
  • short term.

The liquor licensing reforms aim to create a modern and flexible licensing system that will support a vibrant hospitality industry while maintaining a safe nightlife. 

The reforms reduce red tape faced by venues, producers and the public and supports a growing South Australian market place with licence categories and systems that meet the needs of licenced businesses now and into the future. 

Rolled out in three stages, the reforms have seen expanded protections for minors, reduced red tape for business, changes to licence categories, the introduction of an online application and licence management system known as Liquor and Gaming Online (LGO) and a revised fee structure announced as part of 2018/19 budget. 

Earlier changes also addressed the needs of community in relation to:

  • direct sales
  • seizure of evidence of age documents
  • dry zones
  • welfare barrings
  • training requirements
  • liquor accords.

For more information about the liquor reform please visit cbs.sa.gov.au/reform-sa-liquor-laws

All information about licence categories and requirements can also be accessed at sa.gov.au.