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22 February 2022

Restrictions on the sale of takeaway liquor in Port Augusta will continue with some variations for another four weeks, following consultation with local authorities, licensees, health and support services. 

Commissioner for Liquor and Gambling Dini Soulio said that while feedback from the community had been mixed, support services and SA Police had reported a decline in alcohol-related incidents following the introduction of temporary restrictions two weeks ago. 

"Importantly, I've been advised that there has been a decrease in alcohol-related conditions and injuries presenting to the Port Augusta Hospital as well as significant drop in acute intoxication assessments," he said.

"The restrictions on opening times appear to have had a positive impact, with a drop in public consumption of alcohol, particularly earlier in the morning, that has enabled health and outreach services to engage with clients to provide counselling, medical assessments and other referral services.

"I appreciate there have been some concerns about the requirements around recording identification and purchases on restricted sales and the practicalities of doing this.

"As a result, this requirement will be removed when the current provisions expire tonight.

"I have considered the economic impact to licensees and inconvenience to local residents and tourists. 

"And while the restrictions on purchases of spirits have been removed, I consider some restriction is still needed in relation to the quantities of cask wine and fortified wine that can be purchased in a single transaction to minimise bulk purchases of those products."

As of midnight tonight, the following restrictions will be in place on the sale of takeaway liquor:

  • Bottle shops are not permitted to open for trade before 11am
  • Customers can only purchase ONE of the following items per transaction:
    • One 2L cask wine (any cask over 2L cannot be purchased) OR
    • One bottle of fortified wine/port
  • Liquor cannot be sold to any person who attends a bottle shop drive through in a taxi, including the taxi driver. 

The restrictions limiting the volumes of cask wine and fortified wine/port do not apply to Managers and Supervisors of station properties, Managers and Supervisors of companies operating mining ventures and other licensees. 

Mr Soulio said the restrictions would remain in place until close of trade on 22 March, unless otherwise varied, revoked or extended.

"We are continuing to monitor the impact of these restrictions and will work with South Australia Police, the Council and other support services to determine if any changes are required and then to determine next steps."