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20 March 2015

The State Government has approved the Adelaide City Council’s proposal to extend the Adelaide park lands dry zone trial for a further six months.

The dry zone trial, which operates across all city park lands between 8pm and 11am the next day, was due to finish on 22 March. The extension will take the trial up to 22 September.

Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said the extension will enable more conclusive data to be collected.

“We are targeting alcohol-related, anti-social behaviour. This is a complex issue and the decision to extend was made with careful consideration of all those affected,” Ms Gago said.

“Extensive consultation and discussion has been carried out with council, police, government and non-government support services and we will continue to do so until the trial is complete.

“An interim evaluation has found a majority of people support it and there have been positive outcomes.

“However, the trial began during a period when many city residents and workers were on holidays.

“An extension will ensure the review considers the city in normal and peak conditions.

“This is about striking a very fine balance and it is very important that the trial includes all relevant data and factors.

“We will use this extra time to conduct a more robust review of how the trial is helping reduce alcohol-related and anti-social incidents, without removing the opportunity for support services to appropriately address the health and welfare needs of people who gather in these areas.”

The decision to approve the extension followed a recommendation from the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner in response to an application from the Adelaide City Council.

The ongoing review will include monitoring any emerging issues to ensure an appropriate and well-informed decision is made at the conclusion of the trial.

Feedback about the dry area will continue to be received by the Adelaide City Council.