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5 March 2015

The State Government has said it will seriously consider the Adelaide City Council Committee’s proposal to extend the trial of the dry zone in the South Park Lands.

The Infrastructure and Public Space Committee has called for a six month extension to the trial

The dry area trial, which operates across all city Park Lands between 8pm and 11am the next day, began on 22 December 2014 and is due to finish on 22 March.

Although reports from the trial indicate that the dry zone has helped reduce alcohol related problems in the Park Lands, an extension has been proposed to enable more conclusive data to be collected.

Minister for Business Services and Consumers said the proposal, on face value, seems sensible given the trial commenced during the festive season.

“The trial began during a period when many city residents and workers were on holidays,” Ms Gago said.

“An extension will ensure the review considers the city in normal and peak conditions.

This is about striking a very fine balance and it is very important that the trial includes all relevant data and factors.

“We must give very careful consideration to all those people who are affected.” The Council now needs to consider the Committee’s recommendation.
If Council agrees, it needs to apply to the Commissioner for Consumer Services, Liquor and Gambling for the extension.

The matter will be considered by a full Council on March 10. It will then need to go to State Cabinet for endorsement.