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4 June 2015

Today hundreds of students will gather at Alberton Oval and have the chance to learn how they can take charge of aspects of their own lives and their own futures, as part of the 2015 Aboriginal Power Cup program.

This year South Australia’s Consumer and Business Services will be present at the annual football carnival, offering advice and tips to students about topics that will help them in the transition from high school to young adulthood.

Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said that program has only become bigger and better each year.

“The Aboriginal Power Cup was initially developed as an early-intervention strategy to engage at-risk young people in sporting activities to encourage them to continue with their education and make positive lifestyle choices,” Ms Gago said.

“The program has expanded in recent years and has a greater focus on providing educational pathways linking to employment, teaching students about their rights and how to make responsible decisions about their future.

“CBS will be hosting a stall at the Aboriginal Power Cup expo that students will visit while teams participate in the round robin football games at the carnival.

“It will be a valuable opportunity for students to learn about issues such as renting rights and the pitfalls of mobile phone contracts.”

CBS has developed questionnaires about two common scenarios that are faced by young consumers - renting a place to live for the first time and dealing with ‘bill shock’ when that unexpected expensive phone bill arrives.

“It is critical to ensure students in their senior years of schooling are aware of their consumer rights before they sign a contract or a lease agreement, to prevent problems arising down the track.

“Young people may not fully appreciate the importance of reading a contract before signing, understanding the terms and conditions, and honouring their obligations under the contract”.

CBS will also distribute consumer rights publications designed for young consumers which can be helpful tools when shopping and making those big decisions such as entering into mobile phone contracts, renting a home or flat and purchasing a car.

For more information visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au/wcm/consumers/consumer-advice/smart- shopping/advice-for-young-consumers