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15 May 2013

Attorney General John Rau will today introduce laws into Parliament that will place causing death by dangerous driving on private property on equal footing with that on public roads.

“Dangerous driving is dangerous driving – whether it occurs on a suburban street or on a private property,” Mr Rau said.

“These changes are about ensuring that if a person drives dangerously on a private property, they may face the same consequences as if their actions occurred on a public road.

“Under present dangerous driving laws, there is reference to actions occurring in a manner that is dangerous to ‘the public’.

“This wording has been problematic in proceedings where an accident causing the death of a passenger occurred on a private property.

“These laws that I am introducing today will change the wording of ‘the public’ to ‘any person’, so that actions on private property are also captured.

“I understand that New South Wales has already acted on similar changes.”

The Statutes Amendment (Dangerous Driving) Bill 2013 will be introduced into the House of Assembly today.