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18 December 2013

A pre-Christmas audit undertaken by South Australia’s consumer watchdog has resulted in a national recall of thousands of dodgy children’s toys – ensuring there will be no nasty surprises under the tree this year.

Minister for Business Services and Consumers, John Rau, said this year hundreds of toys were inspected by Consumer and Business Services (CBS).

“Operatives from CBS visited more than 60 South Australian retailers in search of unsafe toys, inspecting over 330 product lines,” he said.

“Two banned goods were discovered, Yo-yo water balls and set of small powerful magnets.

“One product, a projectile toy called Ben 10 Alien Force Super Gun, was found to carry incorrect warning labels.

“All three products have been withdrawn from sale.

“In addition, 41 toys intended for use by children under the age of three years underwent stringent testing to ensure their safety.

“Two Beach Time bikes, a buggy, and boat toy all from the same supplier, were found to pose a choking hazard if ingested by young children.

“This resulted in a national recall of over 4,300 toys.”

Mr Rau said there is a dramatic increase in the sale of toys in the lead up to Christmas and we want to ensure that the toys parents are buying for their children meet the mandatory safety requirements.

“We will continue to monitor the sale of toys during the Christmas period however, it is also important parents are mindful of the toys they are purchasing for children,” he said.

“Consumers can be vigilant when purchasing toys by visiting the Recalls Australia website, which provides safety recall information and alerts.”

Operatives from CBS also undertook and extensive undercover audit of sales practices displayed by South Australian retailers.

Over 200 stores were visited across regional and metropolitan areas, including jewellers, clothing, and hardware retailers.

Of these 22 stores were found to be non-compliant, either displaying incorrect refund information, or practicing non-compliant lay-by policies.

Subsequently all will receive written warnings advising of their non-compliance with mandatory product safety standards and reminded of their obligations under Australian Consumer Law.

For more information about product safety, sales practices and consumer rights visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au