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26 October 2011

Deputy Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Anne Gale, today announced the launch of the national don’t be a jackass with jacks campaign that seeks to mitigate serious injury and even death caused by people working underneath their vehicles.

“Many Australians undertake vehicle repairs themselves, whether it be to save money or as hobby,” Ms Gale said.

“However, each year Australians, mainly men, have died or become seriously injured as a result of DIY work on their vehicles without using proper jacks, stands and ramps.”

Australian Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission (ACCC) research has found that from July 2000 to April 2010, there were 46 fatalities in Australia that involved car jacks, vehicle ramps or blocks.

“While people may be aware of the risk associated with working underneath a vehicles, they believe that the probability of death or serious injury is very low, but this is simply not true.”

The national safety campaign is being led by the ACCC, with input from all state and territory fair trading agencies.

The national campaign includes a smart phone friendly website, online safety video and information materials for people that do DIY work on their vehicles.

“South Australia has led the development of the new website which has been designed specifically to be accessed from a smart phone so DIY practitioners can visit the website while working on their vehicles,” Ms Gale said.

“The site contains handy information for people using jacks, stands or ramps, from the risks associated with the equipment, to actions they can take to ensure safety and minimise injury or even death.”

The safety information, including the mobile website can be accessed at www.productsafety.gov.au/dontbeajackass