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8 September 2014

South Australians are invited to have their say on the logo that will identify South Australia’s free-range eggs on the supermarket shelves.

Five proposed designs can be seen at the Taste SA pavilion at the Royal Adelaide Show and online at the YourSAy website.

“When South Australian shoppers buy their free range eggs, they want to be assured about what they are spending their money on,” said Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago.

“The new trademark design will differentiate which eggs comply with the upcoming voluntary industry code.

“The development of the logo is the next step following last year’s agreement to develop a new regulatory standard for free-range eggs.

“We are asking South Australians to help choose which certified trademark they want on their cartons of free-range eggs.

“Consumer and Business Services representatives will be at the Taste SA pavilion on weekdays at the Show asking people their views on the suggested logo designs.

“You can also vote on the YourSAy website (yoursay.sa.gov.au),” she said.

The free-range egg code is still being finalised.

It is proposed that producers wanting South Australian Free Range accreditation must meet the following requirements:
•    A maximum of 1,500 laying hens per hectare in a free range system;
•    induced moulting is not permitted;
•    hens have access to range outdoors for a minimum of eight (8) hours per day; and
•    sufficient overhead shade should be provided to encourage hens to access the range.