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20 June 2022

Temporary restrictions imposed on the sale of liquor in Port Augusta have been rolled over until the end of August, while the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner continues to consider whether or not they should be implemented on a more permanent basis and whether there should be any changes. 

With the restrictions originally set to expire tomorrow, Commissioner for Liquor and Gambling Dini Soulio said more time was needed to consider the next steps. 

"This is an issue that cannot be considered in isolation, and the consultation is progressing," he said. 

"I will be reviewing the data thoroughly and considering the views of key stakeholders in formulating any decision on whether to impose these or other restrictions on an ongoing basis." 

Under the current restrictions: 

  • Bottle shops are not permitted to open for trade before 11am.
  • Customers can only purchase ONE of the following items per transaction:
    • One 2L cask wine (any casks over 2L cannot be purchased) OR
    • One bottle of fortified wine/port. 
  • Liquor cannot be sold to any person seated in a taxi, including the taxi driver. Patrons may exit the taxi in the browsing lane to make a purchase, however liquor cannot be sold to a taxi driver on duty whether the taxi driver is seated in a taxi or by walk-up sales. 
  • The above restrictions limiting the volumes of cask wine and fortified wine/port do not apply to the following persons: 
    • Managers and Supervisors of station properties
    • Managers and Supervisors of companies operating mining ventures
    • other licensees.