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CBS updates
15 August 2017

A new registration category has been created for people who ‘test and inspect’ fire sprinklers – or fire suppression systems. This category is for those who only undertake this type of plumbing work.

New requirements to ‘test and inspect’ fire sprinklers

Condition of registration: Restricted plumbing work limited to testing and inspecting of fire hose reels and the 6 monthly or more frequent testing and inspecting of other fire suppression systems specified by AS1851.

Scope of work: Inspecting or testing a fire protection service consisting of water pipes and firefighting equipment (such as sprinklers, hoses and hydrants) that are connected to the mains water supply. It includes all testing of fire hose reels but does not include annual or greater testing – e.g. 3 yearly testing of fire sprinkler systems.  It does not include installation or repair work.

Required qualification: The following units of competency are to be completed from the CPP20511 Certificate II in Fire Protection Inspection and Testing:

  • CPPCMN2002A   – Participate in workplace safety arrangements
  • CPPFES2006A    – Prepare for installation and servicing operations
  • CPPFES2004A    – Identify types of installed fire safety equipment and systems
  • CPCPFS3020A    – Conduct basic functional testing of water-based fire-suppression systems
  • CPCPFS3021A    – Inspect and test fire pump sets
  • CPPFES2010A    – Inspect and test fire hose reels
  • CPPFES2037A    – Inspect and test fire hydrant systems
  • CPPFES2047A    – Inspect and test control and indicating equipment

Although these are the minimum qualifications required, applicants should consider completing additional units to gain the full Certificate II in order to improve their employment prospects.

Training organisations

The following Registered Training Organisations are those known to CBS to be offering this training in South Australia.  Cost and study requirements may vary between training providers.  Some may only provide training in SA once minimum student numbers are reached.

  • Fire Industry Training, T: (03) 9356 7377, E: admin [at] fit.edu.au
  • Fire Protection Association Australia, T: 1300 731 922, E: training [at] fpaa.com.au
  • Haz-Ed Services, T: (08) 9248 8099, E: admin [at] haz-ed.com.au
  • Pacific Institute of Technology, T: (08) 7200 3802, E: admin [at] pit.edu.au

Existing ‘test and inspect’ workers without formal qualifications may be able to obtain Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for all or most of the units.  Those with other formal qualifications are encouraged to contact Consumer and Business Services to check whether these would be acceptable.

Those inspections that are required to be carried out annually or after a longer period of time under AS1851, other than for fire hose reels, must be done by a person who holds a plumbing workers registration that authorises this work, such as a registration restricted to fire protection work.

‘Test and inspect’ workers have to the end of March 2018 to ensure that they hold the appropriate registration. After March 2018 compliance checking by CBS will commence.