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10 December 2013

Attorney General John Rau has issued a warning about the dangers of synthetic drugs, after banning another product that was being sold in Adelaide stores.

Mr Rau said an interim ban notice has been issued for “Pleasure Cruise Aphrodisiac Tea”.

“As soon as I found out this product was on the market, we had operatives in the field to get samples to the lab for testing,” he said.

“The advice from the lab came back showing this was a synthetic drug, and I immediately imposed the ban.

“I then had field operatives from Consumer and Business Services conduct synchronised and targeted raids on the Adelaide premises where we knew this product had been sold, to ensure it was no longer available for sale.

“These synthetic drugs are marketed as an alternative to illicit drugs, but they have no testing, and you never know what’s in them, or what effect they will have on you.

“Many of these products are cheap and easy to buy but can be potentially fatal.

“We are working to identify these substances and ban them as they appear on the market.” Earlier this year a ban was imposed on 19 different synthetic drug products.
“We are working to tackle the synthetic drug problem from every angle - banning the chemicals, banning the products, and banning the sale,” Mr Rau said.

“If anyone has information on products such as this being sold I encourage them to come forward.

“We will continue to work with SA Police to keep these products off the shelf, and out of the hands of our kids.”