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15 April 2014

South Australia Police (SAPol) figures released today confirm a dramatic drop in offending behaviour in the city, including violence, since the introduction of the Government’s crackdown on alcohol fuelled violence six months ago.

The statistics show that between 1 October 2013 and 31 March 2014 there was a 23.6 percent drop in offences against good order, a 13.6 percent drop in offences against the person and
13.2 percent drop in violent assaults when compared to the corresponding period of 2012/13.

Acting Premier John Rau says that the figures vindicate the Government’s hard fought reforms.

“What these figures show is that our crackdown on alcohol fuelled violence and related harm is working as intended,” Mr Rau said.

“A safer city is a good result for police and volunteers as they are dealing with fewer drunken aggressive louts who put their safety at risk.

“It is also a good result for venues, as a safer night out sends a positive message to city revellers.

“Other States have been closely watching what we have been doing in South Australia with our Late Night Code and are beginning to follow our lead.

“Fundamentally, this is about improving safety in the city and changing the late night culture of Adelaide.

Results from the Royal Adelaide Hospital Emergency Department have also shown a 29 percent reduction in late night/early morning admissions related to alcohol.

Since August 2011 Encounter Youth has been supporting Hindley Street patrons through their Green Team volunteers.

Chief Executive Officer Nigel Knowles says the lockout has encouraged positive change on Hindley Street.

“We are encouraged by the figures released today from SAPol, as they are consistent with the safer and more positive environment that our Green Team volunteers are experiencing on Hindley Street,” said Mr Knowles.
“Encounter Youth is in strong support of the continuation of the Late Night Code.”

Mr Rau said that the Government will conduct a review of the effectiveness of the Late Night Code after 12 months.

“The review will look at how the measures within the Code have worked and tweak the Code accordingly,” Mr Rau said.

“I want to provide certainty to the industry that the current reforms will be in place until at least October.

“What I can do is rule out scrapping the Code or weakening it.”


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Oct 2013 -

March 2014


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