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21 August 2015

A Hindley Street entertainment venue has been shut down over serious safety concerns, following investigations by Consumer and Business Services (CBS) and the Adelaide City Council.

The Adelaide City Council today revoked the certificate of occupancy for the Lavish Club Lounge, trading as “The Vault”, and the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner has suspended the venue’s liquor licence.

“CBS and Adelaide City Council inspectors attended the premises this week finding a number of alterations to the layout of the premises which had not been approved, and a lack of emergency exit signs which pose a significant safety risk,” Liquor and Gambling Commissioner Dini Soulio said.

“Amongst other fire safety matters the venue had exits that were hard to find and navigate, narrow passageways, a lack of signage and only one working emergency exit light in the entire venue that led to a beer garden.

“Inspectors also observed large amounts of debris and rubbish in the basement of the premises which pose a serious safety risk in case of fire.

“Venues must have clearly marked and accessible exits for the safety of customers and staff, and this venue does not.

“The venue had an original layout that was approved by council and which formed a condition of their liquor licence, but that had been significantly altered, having a serious effect on capacity and safety.

“CBS inspectors also found that no one was properly identified as the ‘Responsible Person,’ as required at every licensed premises without an exemption.

“Suspending a licence in these circumstances is an unusual step, but we take the safety of patrons and staff at licensed premises very seriously.”

Adelaide City Council General Manager of City Planning and Design David Chick said that Council could provide assistance on these types of issues.

“Council staff are available to provide advice to the building owner or licensee on how they can achieve compliance and meet the regulations to enable them to continue operating,” Mr Chick said.

The liquor licence will be suspended for 72 hours initially, but the venue will not be allowed to reopen until both the Council and the Commissioner are satisfied that the premises is safe.