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CBS updates
2 April 2020

In response to the increased risk associated with an influx of visitors to South Australia’s wine regions, the State Coordinator has made a direction that all wineries and any cellar doors and restaurants based at wineries that sell any food or alcohol must close to the public.

Under this direction, alcohol, food tastings or the sale of takeaway food to the public are not permitted.

Commercial sales to supermarkets and retail stores are still allowed, but food products must be transported by commercial freight or the winery itself.

In addition, where your licence allows it, sales are permitted to the public through online transactions or telephone sales, and be delivered by post service or the winery itself.

For wineries, production activities can continue.

The intent of this decision is to reduce the number of persons visiting wine regions in the coming weeks and to slow the spread of COVID-19.

For those wineries and producers with a separate retail outlet, an application can be made with no extra fee to Consumer and Business Services to seek to operate under a Short Term Licence to allow for limited takeaway alcohol with meals.