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18 February 2020

This information is for students who are unable to travel to South Australia and need to cancel their rental accommodation or change the date of moving in.

If you have signed a tenancy agreement

Contact your landlord/agent and ask to change or cancel your agreement.

If the landlord/agent agrees:

  • Make sure that any changes to the agreement or a cancellation are in writing.
  • The landlord/agent should refund any rent you have already paid in advance. If they do not please contact us.
  • If you have paid a bond, either you or the landlord/agent can apply for a bond refund.

If your landlord/agent does not agree:

  • If continuing the tenancy would cause you undue hardship you can lodge an application with the South Australian Civil Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) for termination of the tenancy.
  • Generally ‘undue hardship’ does not include financial difficulties.

If you have not signed a tenancy agreement but you paid a bond or rent in advance

This may be an implied agreement. The information provided above in the section ‘If you have signed a tenancy agreement’ also applies to you.

If you have discussed an option to rent a property but not signed an agreement or paid any money

You can cancel the option to rent by telling the landlord or agent. You do not need the landlord’s agreement to cancel and you do not need to pay any more.