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20 January 2014

I, JOHN RAU, Minister for Business Services and Consumers, pursuant to section 111 (2) of the Australian Consumer Law (SA) EXTEND the interim ban on consumer goods specified below.

The effect of this Notice is to ban the supply of such consumer goods for a further period of 30 days. This Notice commences 1 February 2014.

Particulars of Consumer Goods

Any consumer good whose use is or includes a Scheduled Use where:

  1. the good is known by or contains any of the following names (including any colourable variation of the name): Pleasure Cruise Aphrodisiac Tea
  2. not being referred to in paragraph 1 of this Schedule, the good is:

a) an equivalent to goods specified in paragraph 1; or

b) supplied or offered for supply and represented as such an equivalent,

whether or not the relevant consumer good is supplied with a disclaimer to the effect that the consumer good is not intended for human consumption.

Interpretation :

In this instrument, Scheduled Use” in relation to consumer goods means :

  • Ingestion, injection or inhalation of the goods;
  • Smoking the goods;
  • Inhalation of fumes caused by heating or burning the goods; and
  • Any other means of introducing the goods into the body.

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