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Public warnings
2 April 2015

The Commissioner for Consumer Affairs is issuing a public warning statement to warn consumers not to deal with itinerant builders reportedly operating in the metropolitan area and particularly the North Eastern suburbs.

The Commissioner has identified these itinerant builders as James Doran, Patrick Doran, Michael Doran and James Doran Junior. These persons are also using the trading name Kennedy Roofing and Paving. The Commissioner has obtained reports of these persons using other alternative names such as “Patrick”, “Mike” and “George”.

Consumers have been approached by two men offering to perform roofing work including roof restoration work. Flyers for Kennedy Roofing and Paving have been distributed. In one instance, a consumer agreed to pay cash for roofing.

The Commissioner is warning the public about the alleged conduct as the Commissioner has reasonable grounds to suspect the Kennedy Roofing and Paving and the named individuals are breaching the Building Work Contractors Act 1995 (SA) in that they are carrying on business as a builder without a licence and advertising or holding themselves out as being entitled to carry on the business of a building work contractor.

If anyone has any concerns about their dealings with the Dorans or Kennedy Roofing and Paving, they should contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882.

Public warning notice