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22 August 2019

South Australia’s gambling regulator has warned people against signing up to illegal, offshore gambling sites.

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner Dini Soulio said South Australians looking to gamble online should make sure they know what it is they’re signing up to.

“Importantly, I’d encourage any South Australians considering gambling online to check to ensure the service they’re considering using is legal,” he said.

“Because signing up to a service that isn’t legal leaves you with little to no recourse if the provider refuses to pay out when you win, for example.”

Mr Soulio said that in the space of 12 months, the Australian Communications and Media Authority – which manages complaints against offshore gambling services – fielded more than 100 complaints from consumers who couldn’t access their funds.

“In some cases, people found their accounts were closed after winning while, in other cases, people were only granted access to a small proportion of their ‘winnings’.

“This is why it’s so important consumers check to see the service they’re using holds a valid Australian licence. If it doesn’t, it’s not legal – it’s that simple.

“In addition, any service that operates casino-style games, slot machines, scratchies or ‘in play’ betting on sports events is illegal in Australia – even if they appear to be Australian, or are targeting Australians.”

Mr Soulio encouraged consumers to check the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s register of licensed services.

“Licensed services offer consumers important protections, including services to manage issues with gambling,” he said.

“Changes to the rules for licensed gambling providers were made earlier this year to make nationally consistent protections for consumers of online wagering to help prevent and mitigate the risk of harm.”

For more information, visit the ACMA website at http://acma.gov.au/interactivegambling