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14 May 2020

The South Australian Government will move to close a loophole that had the potential to allow alcohol to be sold in supermarkets. 

"Since the new liquor licensing categories came into effect in November last year, we have identified issues that need to be fixed," Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said. 

"One issue that has come to the fore is the potential for liquor to be sold in supermarkets through a loophole that allows them to apply for a Liquor Production and Sales licence - provided they are selling wine that they have produced. 

"This goes against the Government's clear position that alcohol should not be sold in supermarkets.

"Given the current economic outlook, it's important that our hospitality sector, which is currently and will be impacted quite substantially by COVID-19, doesn't have another hurdle to jump over in competing with supermarkets." 

Attorney-General Chapman said the amendments would also seek to close another loophole in the same licence category that allows businesses to sell liquor they have not produced through online sales or mail order. 

"Under these changes, the sale of liquor will be limited to the licensee's product only, unless it's a sale by wholesale or the liquor is sold in quantities of 4.5 litres or more.

"The changes also seek to clarify that the licence category itself is meant for genuine producers and wholesalers, not those attempting to sell products they have not produced themselves."