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31 July 2014

More gaming machines have been withdrawn from operation in South Australian pubs and clubs as a result of the latest trading round for entitlements.

Today the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, Dini Soulio said the sixth trading round under the current scheme had seen 33 entitlements change hands, seven entitlements cancelled and three entitlements transferred to Club One.

“Since the trading system was introduced in 2012, we’ve seen a total of 348 entitlements sold, and today’s figures bring the total number of entitlements cancelled through that system to 56.

“The trading scheme is designed so that holders of gaming machine entitlements can purchase and sell entitlements, whilst reducing the overall number of gaming machines operating within the South Australian market.

“Potential buyers nominate a maximum price they are prepared to pay for each gaming machine entitlement and sellers nominate the lowest price that they are willing to accept.

“Buyer and sellers are then matched up through the scheme with one in every four gaming machine entitlements sold by hotels being cancelled.

“Based on the offers submitted to purchase and sell entitlements, successful purchasers in this latest round will pay $40,000 per entitlement, with sellers receiving

“The difference in these prices, making up for the entitlements cancelled.”

“The last trading round resulted in one entitlement being cancelled and the round before saw four entitlements being cancelled, so we have seen a significant increase this trading round.”

Additional information regarding the approved trading system and the results of this latest trading round are available on the Consumer and Business Services website at www.cbs.sa.gov.au.

The next trading round for the purchase and sale of gaming machine entitlements is expected to open for offers on 11 September, 2014.