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23 August 2013

In a national effort to provide new migrants with information on consumer rights, Australian consumer protection agencies have today launched a collection of multilingual video guides.


My Consumer Rights is a video series that provides awareness to migrants about their shopping rights and responsibilities under Australian Consumer Law and is available in seven languages.


Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Paul White, says the videos will provide information using simple translated messages, animatics and universal symbols and gestures to overcome language barriers on consumer right matters.


“Understandably, new migrants often lack knowledge of their simple rights when it comes to purchasing goods and services in Australia,” the Commissioner said.


“These videos will provide information developed specifically for consumers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, to help them with their settlement needs in Australia.”


According to the Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship approximately 210,000 new arrivals to Australia are expected during 2013/14.


“The consumer protection agencies across Australia are taking a proactive step to engage with new arrivals, in partnership with community organisations, to help migrants to understand their consumer rights and the services that are available to them,” Mr White said.


The videos in language will complement the other services offered by Consumer and Business Services (CBS) including interpreting services and translated brochures.


The My Consumer Rights videos are available in English, Arabic, Dinka, Karen, Farsi, Nepalese and Tamil.


The videos help to educate migrants on topics such as refunds, contracts, guarantees and warranties, dispute resolution and lodging a complaint under Australian Consumer Law.


The project is part of a joint consumer awareness initiative by State and Federal consumer protection agencies within Australia.


The videos are available for viewing on the CBS YouTube channel www.youtube.com/OCBASA under the My Consumer Rights playlist.