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21 November 2014

As the festive – and festival – season approaches, the State Government has made it quicker and cheaper for wine and beer stallholders to obtain limited liquor licenses for events.

Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said the changes followed a review of the application process for liquor licenses at events such as food and wine festivals.

“These changes come at an ideal time for our State, as we move into not only the festive season but South Australia’s popular festival season.

“The upcoming events during this busy time for the Festival State will be aided by this streamlined process, which gets rid of red tape and makes it easier for food and wine businesses to participate.

“Our Government is committed to cutting red tape wherever we can, to make life simpler for South Australian individuals and businesses.

“The amendment to the liquor licensing regulations includes a new fee structure for licence applications with multiple applicants, such as stallholders at a festival.

“Previously, each stallholder at a medium to large event held at a single venue was required to lodge an individual application to serve or supply liquor.

“Imagine the annual Cellar Door Wine Festival – each of the 200 wineries participating would lodge a separate application at $77 each, taking up their own time and that of Consumer and Business Services officials who had to process them.

“Now, only one application is required, listing all participants. One application, one licence granted, and a new multi-application fee structure saving time and money,” Ms Gago said.

The tiered fee structure offers a discounted fee where there are multiple applications for the same venue.

If the licence is for a charitable or community event, the application fee is waived.
“The new process is a more efficient way to do business, streamlined, reducing red tape and helping applicants and businesses meet the necessary requirements in a smarter and more efficient way,” Ms Gago said.

More details are available on the Consumer and Business Services website.

Tiered fee structure for Limited Liquor Licence

1 applicant


2-3 applicants


4-6 applicants


7-10 applicants


11-15 applicants


16-20 applicants


More than 20 applicants