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18 January 2013

A new General Code of Practice that takes effect today will see more onus placed on licensed venues in South Australia to ensure safer service of alcohol through better practices and management.

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, Paul White, said the new General Code of Practice for all licensed venues, requires licensees to undertake an assessment of their operations and implement any reasonable measures to address any risks that are identified.

“The responsible service of alcohol is key in ensuring a safe and enjoyable time in licensed venues,” the Commissioner said.

“It is a mandatory requirement that every licensee comply with the General Code of Practice.

“There has been industry consultation on the new Code since 2010. The Code has now been finalised and provides an improved framework to ensure licensees provide responsible and safe service of alcohol to their patrons.

“In doing so, we are striving towards providing the community with better managed licensed venues where they can have good time and feel safe.”

New provisions for licensees under the General Code of Practice include:
•    All staff members involved in the service or supply of liquor on licensed premises must complete a nationally accredited training course in the Responsible Service of Alcohol (unless an exemption applies).
•    A requirement for licensees to provide all employees involved in the service or supply of alcohol with training in relation to the measures to be implemented to address the risks associated with their operational practices. Training must be provided at induction and every two years thereafter.
•    The requirement to take reasonable steps to prevent the sale or supply of liquor to intoxicated persons or in circumstances where behaviour is impaired as a result of intoxication or illicit substances.
•    A new section addressing drink spiking.

“Licensees are responsible for considering and implementing specific measures to comply with the Code and any additional conditions of their licence,” the Commissioner said.

“The new General Code of Practice requires licensees to consider these measures as part of a written management plan.
“This is a very busy time of year for the industry therefore licensed venues have three months to complete their written management plans. Consumer and Business Services (CBS) will not be enforcing the requirement for the written management plan until this three month period is complete.

“From 18 April 2013, CBS will be conducting audit inspections of South Australia’s licensed venues to monitor compliance with all requirements of the new General Code of Practice.”

Supporting Guidelines have been developed in consultation with key industry bodies to assist licensees to comply with the General Code of Practice. To view a copy of these Guidelines and the General Code of Practice visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au

A draft Late Night Code of Practice, recently the subject of public consultation, (http://saplan.org.au/yoursay/late-night-trading-code-of-practice) aims to reduce violence in and around licensed venues.