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19 September 2013

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner Paul White has reminded pubs, clubs and late night revellers of a new liquor code for late-night licensed venues which comes into force in a fortnight.

The new Late Night Code of Practice will take effect on 1 October 2013 to assist in the prevention of alcohol-fuelled violence in and around late night venues.

“From the first day of October, licensees are required to adhere to measures under the new Late Night Code of Practice,” the Commissioner said.

“The Code aims to curb alcohol-related incidents of abuse and violence through a range of new provisions and management practices, providing a safe and fun night out for patrons, and preventing early morning bar hopping.

Commissioner White has been meeting with licensees to discuss the implementation of the new code.

The Late Night Code of Practice targets venues open after 3am. In particular, venues will not be able to accept new patrons after 3am, or allow re-entry of patrons who leave.

New measures for licensees under the Code also include the use of metal detectors, high-definition CCTV, drink marshals, as well as an early morning ban on glassware, and drink promotions in the form of free drinks, shooters and doubles.

The Code was developed in consultation with licensees, industry bodies, SA Police and the community.

Consumer and Business Services continues to work closely with the Adelaide City Council, SA Police, Taxi Council, and the Department of Transport & Infrastructure to ensure the Code is appropriately enforced, and late night buses and managed cab ranks are available for patrons heading home.

“Following its introduction, there will be a four-week educational period for licensees where the Code will be enforced by Police and inspectors from Consumer and Business Services, but venues will receive a warning, for detected breaches,” Mr White said.

“This grace period will allow licensees to properly prepare for and implement their new obligations, including staff training, installation of CCTV, purchasing metal detectors and stocking polycarbonate or tempered glassware.

“Following the four-week grace period, licensees who don’t comply with the Late Night Code of Practice will be in breach of their licence conditions and disciplinary action may be taken under the Liquor Licensing Act 1997.
“For Sunday 6 October 2013, the condition restricting entry after 3.01am will be adjusted, because it is the very first night that daylight saving comes into effect.

“We want to avoid confusion and potential disputes between staff and patrons on this first night, because the change to daylight saving means that the old 2am becomes the new 3am.

“To avoid the problem associated with the first night of daylight saving, the late night restricted entry will take effect from 4am for this day only (in effect, the old 3am).

“We believe this is a sensible and fair way to avoid confusion on the first night the Code takes effect.”

View the new liquor licence code of practice that comes into effect 18 November 2019