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31 August 2022

The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner Dini Soulio today determined liquor restrictions will be made ongoing in Port Augusta from 1 November 2022, following a review of the trial period for restrictions that were in place since February this year.

Under the ongoing restrictions, bottle shops will not be able to open before 11am, and customers will be limited to the following quantities per person per day:

  • Up to two 750ml bottles of spirits; or
  • One two litre cask of wine, with casks over two litres prohibited from sale; or
  • One 750ml bottle of fortified wine or port.

“I have carefully considered submissions and data from a number of key stakeholders, including licensees, South Australia Police and various medical professionals and services including the Sobering Up Unit, Port Augusta Hospital and Regional Health Service, SA Ambulance Service, Stepping Stones Drug and Alcohol Day Centre and representatives of Aboriginal communities,” he said.

“Based on the review, there can be no doubt the sale and consumption of alcohol in Port Augusta results in significant antisocial behaviour, harm to the community, and negative health impacts.

“These restrictions have had a direct impact on reducing acute levels of intoxication and related harm, and the later opening time for bottle shops has provided a much-needed window to allow support services to engage with people suffering from alcohol-related harm.

“These benefits outweigh the minor inconvenience to customers and tourists.”

However, Mr Soulio noted the effectiveness of the restrictions reduced when daily limits were replaced with limits per transaction, and licensees were no longer required to record transactions and require photo ID from customers.

To address this issue, licensees will be provided with app-based technology called ID Scan SA, which will highlight transactions of restricted items over a 24 hour period to support licensees identifying when a person has reached their daily limit.

“This app is available on iPad or tablet device, and has been successfully trialled in Ceduna and Coober Pedy,” he said.

“Once these restrictions start on November 1, customers will need to produce ID before they are able to purchase alcohol.”

Mr Soulio said following support from Aboriginal communities, the conditions imposed also prohibit the sale of takeaway liquor to people living in dry communities, similar to restrictions already in place in Coober Pedy and Ceduna.

The conditions will take effect from 1 November 2022, to enable licensees to be trained and provided with appropriate signage - and will be reviewed within 12 months. The restrictions currently in place will continue until that date.

Both the Commissioner’s decision and the Review of the restrictions over the trial period can be found on the CBS website.