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28 April 2013

Better clarity for motorists is the aim of a new plan to eliminate confusing discounted petrol advertising at South Australian petrol stations.

The new industry code will mean that only the actual price can be displayed on a station’s pricing board – not the discounted price available only to those participating in a particular scheme.

Acting Premier and Minister for Business Services and Consumers John Rau says a new industry code will help motorists to be more informed.

“Motorists should know that the price they will pay at the pump will not be more expensive than the price advertised,” Mr Rau said.

“Having only the actual price displayed will help South Australian motorists compare apples with apples.

“The industry code won’t stop petrol stations from offering discounted fuel under various schemes – but it will stop them from giving the impression that the discounted price is available to everyone.

"Consumer Affairs Ministers across Australia have been trying for some time to find a nationally consistent approach on this issue, but in the absence of a national agreement, I think it is important South Australia take steps to help consumers.”

There will be a transitional period to allow station operators to become compliant with the code before it comes into effect later in the year.

The Commissioner for Consumer Affairs will be responsible for the administration of the code and penalties will apply for operators who do not comply.

For further information visit the CBS website at www.cbs.sa.gov.au or call 131 882.