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5 September 2013

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner, Paul White, has announced the next trading round for gaming machine entitlements will be held in November.

“The gaming machine entitlement trading scheme aims to reduce the number of gaming machines operated in South Australia by facilitating the purchase and sale of entitlements,” the Commissioner said.

“Under the trading system, buyers nominate a maximum price they are willing to pay for each gaming machine entitlement whilst sellers nominate a minimum price for their entitlements.

“The scheme facilitates the sale between sellers and buyers with one in every four gaming machine entitlements sold in a trading round by hotels being cancelled.

“The most recent trading round resulted in 57 gaming machine entitlements sold, and most importantly, six entitlements cancelled.

“This brings us to a total of 254 entitlements sold and 44 entitlements cancelled since the current trading system was introduced in June last year.

“Recent legislative amendments also mean that the Adelaide Casino will be able to participate in trading rounds from early next year to accommodate their expansion.”

The closing date and time for the submission of offers to sell or purchase gaming machine entitlements in this trading round is 5pm Friday 11 October, 2013.

The trading day will occur on Thursday 14 November, 2013 and the results published on the Consumer and Business Services website shortly thereafter.

For more information on the gaming machine entitlement trading round visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au