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25 March 2011

Consumer Affairs Minister Gail Gago today launched a new pram safety video at this year’s Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo.

The video, produced by the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA), stresses the importance of using mandatory safety features on prams and strollers.

“It is important that parents and carers operate their prams and strollers correctly and never leave their child unattended in a pram or stroller,” Minister Gago said.

“Brakes, the tether strap and restraint harness are key safety features on prams and strollers, and their consistent use is critical.

“This video provides a visual demonstration highlighting the importance of using these features to prevent injury or even death.

“Step-by-step instructions are provided to educate parents on the correct way to utilise the safety aspects and ensure their prams and strollers have working brakes, an intact tether strap, and that the harness is in good condition.

“The new video is a valuable educational tool on pram and stroller safety.” The video is a feature of OCBA’s pram safety display stand.
The stand will be located at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children’s Expo at the Wayville Showgrounds from Friday, March 25 to Sunday, March 27.

The pram safety video can be viewed on the OCBA website http://www.ocba.sa.gov.au/.