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4 August 2021

South Australia's gambling regulator is seeking public comment on potential changes to the regulations around lotteries. 

Commissioner for Liquor and Gambling Dini Soulio said feedback is being sought in a number of areas that would underpin the operation of the new Lotteries Act when it comes into effect in December. 

"Lotteries can be a source of revenue for businesses - through what's known as trade promotions - and can be an integral part of charity and community fundraising work," he said. 

"And while some of the changes being considered here are more of a technical nature, others would have a broader impact, such as the minimum amount of proceeds from a lottery that should go towards fundraising purposes."

Mr Soulio said other issues under consideration include: 

  • Regulating card jackpot games, such as flip the joker, to allow them to be conducted as a fundraiser lottery
  • Including instant ticket vending machines as a prescribed item, to ensure more stringent regulation
  • Whether auditing financial records and ensuring scrutineers are present for draws of major lotteries are necessary when the total prize value is under $30,000
  • How names of winners are published for major lotteries and trade promotions, to ensure greater transparency
  • Disclosure of certain information in lottery advertisements and on lottery tickets. 

"We're looking to hear from charities, associations, businesses that conduct trade promotions and anyone else with an interest in the way that lotteries are managed in South Australia," he said.

Public comment is open until August 27. To find out more, visit YourSAy