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18 May 2018

A new online register will soon allow customers to check if their hairdresser or barber is qualified.

The register is due to go live later this year as part of the Hair and Beauty Association of South Australia’s ‘Qualified Hairdressers Project’.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Dini Soulio, said that the project will help customers and the industry.

“Hairdressers and barbers must be appropriately qualified to work in South Australia in line with the Hairdressers Act 1988 (SA),” said Commissioner Soulio.

“This register will give consumers useful information when choosing their hairdresser, while enabling the industry to monitor the qualifications of its workers.”

Rose Bradshaw, President of the Hair and Beauty Association of South Australia said that the project aims to support people to become appropriately qualified, and to address increased reports of unqualified and untrained people working as hairdressers and barbers across the state.

“We have seen a rise in the number of complaints we receive about bad haircuts, poor service and untrained staff, which is a big concern for the Association,” said Ms Bradshaw.

“This initiative will be launched at our State Competitions, where we are also encouraging students to consider hairdressing apprenticeships.

“Students can bring their Student ID and they’ll get a free pass into the event.”

The State Hair and Beauty Competitions begin at 11.30am on Sunday at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The Qualified Hairdressers Project will be launched by the Hon. Vickie Chapman, Deputy Premier and Attorney-General.

The Qualified Hairdressers Project is supported by an initial grant from the Government of South Australia.