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16 May 2013

Attorney General and Minister for Business Services and Consumers John Rau has issued a public warning about a fraudster purporting to be a lawyer.

The scam involves the fraudster calling people and telling them they are the subject of legal action, and offering to act on their behalf.

In different states and at different times, the scammer has used the name ‘Ronald Wilson’ or ‘James Hall’, and one of the companies mentioned in the scam is ‘CPR Global’.

“In some cases, the scammer claims that the person is being sued, in other cases, it’s claimed that the subject is facing fraud charges,” Mr Rau said.

“In the cases we’re aware of, there were no legal proceedings, and the intended victims have contacted police or the Law Society.

“The people certainly don’t appear to be real lawyers and ‘CPR Global’ is not an entity registered with the Australian Security and Investments Commission.

“I am concerned about the actions of this person as he appears to be preying on elderly or vulnerable people, presumably in the hope that they will pay him money for representing them in court matters, which turn out to be fictitious.

“If any member of the public is contacted by this man, or indeed by anyone suggesting they are involved in legal matters they know nothing about, and offering to represent them, I would advise them to take down their details and to report the person to authorities.”