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20 August 2012

Ahead of this year’s Royal Show, the Product Safety team from Consumer and Business Services has inspected the 1350 toys and novelty items that will be in this year’s showbags, to ensure compliance with mandatory safety standards.

Acting Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Anne Gale, said that only one item needed removing from a showbag.

Thirteen items required further labelling in order to meet mandatory safety standards prior to being sold at the Show.

“It is good news that from the 223 showbags the Product Safety officers inspected, so few items required attention this year – clearly our message about safety compliance is getting through to suppliers.” Ms Gale said.

“The Product Safety officers have done a great job identifying these products that do not meet mandatory safety standards.

“It underlines what an important job the Consumer and Business Services Product Safety officers do each year, individually checking every toy and novelty item that goes into the showbags.

“Showbag suppliers are significantly improving compliance by getting more products tested by accredited laboratories before the Show each year.

“CBS Product Safety officers will monitor the sale of all goods during the course of the Show, including sideshow and merchant stalls, to ensure that all traders are supplying compliant items. Officers will pay particular attention to items for babies and young children.” Ms Gale said.

Penalties up to $1.1 million for companies, and $220 000 for individuals, apply if goods do not meet the mandatory safety standards or are banned.

Consumers should check labels on toys and novelties intended for young children to ensure that they are suitable for the child’s age.

Parents and carers are also reminded to be on the lookout for potential safety hazards such as small parts that can become detached from products, which present a serious choking and ingestion risk for children under three, and items with sharp points and edges.

Consumers with safety concerns can contact the CBS product safety section on 131 882 or visit www.cbs.sa.gov.au