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22 January 2020

People licensed to perform major residential building work in South Australia will soon be subject to new training requirements, under new licensing rules aimed at strengthening the industry and better protecting consumers.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said that, from 1 July 2020, licence applicants in South Australia will need to complete training relating to costing, construction planning, contract administration and dispute resolution. 

"In the discussions I have had with peak industry groups, it has become clear there is concern that some businesses are at risk of overextending themselves," he said.

"This could have dire consequences not only for the business, but those consumers who have entrusted them with what could very well be one of the most significant purchases they will ever make.

"By introducing new training requirements relating to costing and contract administration it will help those businesses better understand their own financial position, as well as the amount of work they can realistically undertake." 

Mr Soulio said builders will also need to produce a certificate of eligibility for building indemnity insurance. 

Builders needing more information about the new licensing requirements, or consumers wishing to seek advice on a matter relating to a contractor can contact Consumer and Business Services by calling 131 882.