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18 February 2015

South Australians are being urged to have their say on the impact and effectiveness of the Late Night Trading Code of Practice.

The Late Night Code was introduced to crackdown on alcohol-related abuse and violence in and around licensed venues.

Minister for Business Services and Consumers Gail Gago said the State Government has done a significant amount of work to ensure visitors to the city have a fun and safe night out.

“This has been achieved through the use of metal detectors, high-definition CCTV, drink marshals, a ban on glassware and a 3am lockout,” Ms Gago said.

“The Code has changed the way people behave and the city is a much safer and enjoyable place to visit.

“What we have seen is a drop in assaults and anti-social behaviour and data from the Royal Adelaide Hospital shows a drop in alcohol related ED presentations.

“These late night safety initiatives were developed in consultation with a wide range of licensees, industry bodies and the general community and now we want to hear from them again on how they think they are working.

“For Adelaide to remain a vibrant city, it is in everyone’s interest that venues provide a safe environment and everyone involved is comfortable with the rules in place.”

The community is also being asked for feedback on the General Code of Practice which was amended in early 2013. The Late Night Code was later implemented to crack down on alcohol- fuelled violence.

The independent review is being undertaken by the Internal Consultancy Services Group and is being led by Warren McCann, who is the former Public Sector Employment Commissioner.

The final report will be provided to the Government by mid 2015 and the findings will be reported to Parliament.

To complete the survey or have your say on how you think the late night drinking laws are working visit yoursay.sa.gov.au