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31 October 2013

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Paul White today issued a warning to South Australians: beware travelling conmen that offer door-to-door services but fail to deliver.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) recently received reports of a suspicious man operating in north-eastern suburb, Parafield Gardens.

“In this particular sighting, the unidentified conman, with an Irish accent approached a business offering leftover bitumen from a previous job,” Mr White said.

“The nature of these unscrupulous individuals is to move across State and Territory borders, taking advantage of consumers and remaining undetected by authorities.

“Travelling conmen are notorious for providing poor quality or incomplete jobs then disappearing or providing false contact information.

“This leaves the unsuspecting consumer with no ability to seek restitution for the dodgy work and subsequently they are left out of pocket to have the job completed or fixed.

“Jobs such as roof painting and back of truck deals on electrical goods are also common scams of travelling conmen.

“Residents in the area are strongly urged to avoid dealing with these rogue traders.

“Under Australian Consumer Law consumers are entitled to warranty, repair, refund or replacement in the event of a problem arising.

“There are also provisions in place for door-to-door trading. Consumers are entitled to a ten-day cooling off period in which the trader cannot provide any goods or services or accept any payment for transactions over $100.

“Residents are entitled to ask door knockers to leave and those who do not comply are breaking the law.

“Travelling conmen work in direct breach of these laws.

“This serves as a timely reminder for consumers to use licensed and reputable tradespeople. Do your homework before engaging a tradesperson and check that they are licensed to do the job using the online CBS licensing register.”

South Australians who have any information about travelling conmen are encouraged contact CBS on 131 882. More information is available on the national Stop Travelling Conmen Facebook page.