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6 July 2017

A 35 year old Salisbury Downs man has been fined $3000 for selling used cars without a licence.

Under South Australia’s Second-hand Vehicle Dealer Act, anyone who buys or sells more than four used cars within a period of twelve months must hold the relevant licence.

In the Elizabeth Magistrates Court, Feras Said admitted to selling six used cars over an eight month period for between $2500 and $6500, and offering to sell a seventh without holding the relevant licence.

The court was told cars were offered for sale on Gumtree and Getusedcar, and that six of the vehicles were wrecked vehicles that Said had repaired and then offered for sale.

The court also heard that Said had previously held a Second Hand Vehicle Dealer’s Licence, and was fully aware of his obligations.

“Buying a used car from a licensed dealer offers consumers a level of protection, because there are statutory warranties that would apply to any purchase,” Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said.

“By failing to secure a licence, those consumers missed out on the level of protection that would otherwise be afforded to them, and Mr Said also gave himself an unfair advantage over those car dealers who do the right thing and follow the rules.”