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14 May 2015

A new online advice tool is set to reduce waiting times and give businesses and consumers quick and easy access to general information and one-to-one customer support at the click of a button.

Minister for Business Services and Consumers, Gail Gago, said the Live Help Now web chat service, featured on the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) website, offers direct, one-on-one online access to a customer service representative.

“Waiting on the phone or for an email response can be frustrating, and with more and more customers switching online, the web chat service will make it more convenient for people to get the answers they need,” Ms Gago said.

“Live Help Now uses simple-to-use web technology that allows people to communicate directly with CBS in real time without having to install specialised chat software or updates.

“Unlike face-to-face or phone enquiries, the new feature will mean several customer online enquiries can be answered at once, and more enquiries will be dealt with overall.

“Customers will receive an email after the chat so they have a record of all the information, including web sites they have been referred to.”

CBS receives thousands of inquiries each month from South Australian consumers seeking information on a range of topics, from consumer protection to licensing matters and tenancy inquiries.

Ms Gago said with such a large volume of enquiries, the new web chat service would provide businesses and consumers greater input and choice over the services they can receive and how they are accessed.

“CBS is one of the first State Government agencies to offer this service to customers and is leading the way in use of new technology to inform consumers.

“Live Help Now will enhance the experience of online consumers, and will benefit people who may experience difficulties communicating over the phone, such as those with a hearing impairment as they can now avoid the requirements of using expensive support series such as the National Relay Service.

“Through the web chat service, people can get information about accessing services, how to apply and the status of their applications,” Ms Gago said.

The web chat service is planned to be rolled out to other parts of CBS including tenancy advice in the future.

The new feature will initially be offered on the website between 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, and may be extended if there is demand.

For information visit: www.cbs.sa.gov.au