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26 June 2020

A new online platform has been launched today helping new parents quickly and easily use their mobile devices to register the birth of their little bundle of joy.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said the new online registration system would be a welcome option for many new parents. 

"A lot of new parents are already overwhelmed - remembering to register their new baby and filling out complex paperwork isn't often top of the priority list," Mr Soulio said. 

"Many new parents don't realise registering their baby with Births, Deaths and Marriages is their responsibility and the hospital won't do it on their behalf." 

The newly launched online process requires parents to have a mobile phone, a number of identity documents and some information about their baby.

"By visiting the CBS website, parents can complete an online form with the relevant information, upload some identity documents like an Australian passport, driver's licence or Medicare card, have those documents verified and then be sent an SMS message to confirm," he said.

"Parents simply need to respond back to this message, acknowledging their consent - and this completes the registration process. They can also order a birth certificate through this process." 

In 2013 South Australia was the first state in Australia to provide parents with the option of completing a birth registration online, but Mr Soulio said this new system will make it even easier.

"With more than 19,500 births recorded last year - an average of 375 births a week - this new platform will help make the registration process much faster and more efficient for new parents," he said. 

"Being able to register their new baby online with mean a faster registration, no postage or hard copy forms to fill out and the ability to complete the process at a time that suits.

"Many people use mobile technology to complete their everyday transactions, and we're really excited to be able to offer this service to new South Australian parents.

"Of course, there is still a paper option available for those new parents who are unable to register the birth online."

Visit the CBS website for more details about the new process.