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27 July 2012

With cold nights continuing in South Australia, Consumer and Business Services is warning people to be careful when they buy winter warming products, with some items recently being removed from sale in South Australian shops.

“The Consumer and Business Services Product Safety Unit has recently been checking if children's nightwear and hot water bottles meet mandatory safety standards,” said Anne Gale, Acting Commissioner for Consumer and Business Services.

“Two brands of hot water bottle have been subject to national recalls.

“Serious injuries and even deaths have in the past been associated with using hot water bottles; hot water bottles don't last forever and you should replace them at least every two years. Never overfill your hot water bottle and do not use boiling or very hot water.

“Warning labels are also extremely important - they provide valuable information for people on how to safely use or wear items.

“Some nightwear garments, for example, are labelled Highly Flammable and so should not be worn anywhere near a naked flame, like an open fire or gas cooktop.”

People can check which, if any, products have been recalled by visiting www.recalls.gov.au

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has a dedicated winter safety page at www.productsafety.gov.au/wintersafe