Existing licence holders

Existing licensees

If you are an existing licence holder, and you wish to upgrade your licence, amend or change the conditions of your licence, then you can do so by using the online application process.

It is important that you have a current address listed with our office. You can notify us at any time of a change of address by completing the Change of address form or you can change your address on line when you pay your annual return.

If you no longer wish to work in your occupation, you can complete a Surrender licence form. Once we action this form you will no longer be able to take on the same jobs or tasks that you currently do with a licence. If you change your mind, you will need to complete a new application for a licence.

If you lose your card or certificate, or if it becomes damaged, you can request a reprint. There is a fee involved with this request. Please allow 7 days for postage.
If you have not received a card or certificate, but are expecting one, then please call 131 882.

Except for the security industry, if your company changes directors, we will need to be notified. Complete the change of directors form, and forward any police clearance information (if required).

If your company changes directors, we will need to be notified. Complete the change of directors form for the security industry, and forward any police clearance information (if required).

All building contractors (individuals and companies) must have a supervisor. If you are not your own supervisor, then you must nominate a registered supervisor. Your registered supervisor must be licenced to supervise the same building conditions that are on your licence. A company may nominate multiple supervisors to ensure they have sufficient expertise to cover their licence conditions.

Land valuers are not required to be licensed by the Commissioner, however, you do need to be approved by the Commissioner if you wish to undertake property valuations at the request of an real estate agent for the purpose of section 24G of the Land and Business (Sales and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

As an approved land valuer, your details will be available to real estate agents via this website. Check if you are an approved valuer, or check your contact details. List of approved land valuers.

Updating your details

If your contact details have changed, or if you are no longer available to undertake valuations, please put your changed details in writing and send to:
email: occupational@agd.sa.gov.au
fax: 08 8204 9697
Post: GPO Box 1719 Adelaide SA 5001
Or drop it into our office at 91 Grenfell Street Adelaide.
Please make mention in your correspondence that you are an approved Land Valuer.

24G exemption – requirements for valuers

If you are requested to undertake a valuation on behalf of a real estate agent, you will be asked to complete a statutory declaration that forms part of the agent’s application for exemption.

As the valuer you must:

  • be qualified and approved by the Commissioner
  • have inspected and conducted a valuation of the land
  • prepare the valuation without any prior knowledge of the offer of the proposed purchaser
  • not have any interest in or with the parties associated with the sale.

Becoming approved

To become an approved valuer by the Commissioner:

  • complete the application form
  • show evidence of completion of an approved qualification as listed in the Land Valuers Regulations 2010.
  • When you have been approved, you will receive a letter confirming your addition to the approved valuer’s register.

If you, or your real estate agency, have an authority to sell land or a business for a vendor, and you or your associate wishes to purchase it, you need to apply to the Commissioner for Consumer Affairs to get approval to obtain beneficial interest under Section 24G – Land and Business (Sales and Conveyancing) Act 1994.

You also require approval if you or your agency have appraised the property or business in these circumstances. Receiving commission and expenses on the sale is not automatic, and you must apply to the Commissioner for approval to receive these payments.

Commonly seen associates are:

  • spouse or de facto partner
  • brother or sister
  • employee or employer
  • parent or grandparent.

This is not an exhaustive list of associates and you should seek independent advice as to whether a particular relationship is caught by section 24G.

To help agents and sales representatives better understand their obligations, Consumer and Business Services (CBS) has developed and published a document that provides important information about section 24G (PDF 157KB).


It is the responsibility of the agent to arrange for a valuation of the land before lodging the application with the Commissioner and to give a copy of the valuation to the vendor.

It is the responsibility of the agent to ensure that the application form is completed, and all the required documentation is provided, including the valuation. The application form lists the required information.


As part of the application process, the agent must engage a land valuer who has been approved by the Commissioner to undertake a valuation where there is a section 24G application.

If the land valuer you engage is not approved by the Commissioner, your application may be returned, or refused.

List of approved land valuers


There are severe penalties under section 24G if you, or your agency or your associate purchases a property or business and you obtain commission and expenses, without Commissioner approval.

Application form

Approval to obtain beneficial interest in land or business


You will need to complete an online application if you add, remove or change your premises address. There is a fee involved, and you will need to attach council approval. Every premises attracts the compensation fund fee – if you forget to remove a premises from the list, you will continue to be charged for that premises.

Cancelled licence/registration

Your licence/registration may be cancelled if you fail to:

  • pay your renewal, or any associated fees, by the date required
  • provide a photo when requested
  • provide audit documentation or declarations when requested.
  • If you have a licence under the Security and Investigations Act 1995 and have been charged and found guilty of a disentitling offence.

The cancellation process is automated so that licences and registrations are cancelled in accordance with the Act.

Suspended licence/registration
Your licence/registration may be suspended if your:

  • Licence is limited to working in partnership and that partnership dissolves and you do not upgrade your licence conditions or nominate a new partnership
  • If you have a licence under the Builders Contractors Act 1994 and your supervisor is no longer licensed and you do not nominate a new supervisor.

If you have a licence under the Security and Investigations Act 1995 and have been charged with a dissentitling offence.

The suspension process is automated so that licences and registrations are suspended in accordance with the Act.