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  • Certificates help establish a person’s right to services and legal entitlement.
  • Identification requirements are similar to other proof of identity agencies requirements, such as the AUSTRAC 100 Point System.
  • Identification requirements enhance the security and privacy of register information.
  • Acceptance of identification is based on ‘reasonable’, rather than absolute proof.
  • The importance of historical records for family history purposes is recognised and reflected in the policy.
  • Identity documents presented to Births, Deaths and Marriages are scrutinised and evaluated for authenticity and appropriateness.
  • No application is completed without the required identification, excluding historical records.


The registrar may change identification requirements and accept alternative means of proof of identity in special circumstances.

Missing or incorrect identification documents

If correct identification is not supplied with an application, staff will contact the applicant by telephone for priority requests and by mail or email for standard service requests or where the customer cannot be contacted by phone.

After contact, documents should be provided to Consumer and Business Services (CBS) as soon as possible.

Entitlement and identity

  • Application pages will give you details on who is entitled to access the information
  • Identification is needed where an individual is making the application, even if on behalf of another person or organisation. This does not apply to applications for historical records.

Types of identification

The types of identification needed are outlined in the individual application pages for:

Original documents

If applying in person, original documents will be verified by CBS and returned to the applicant. The type of identification will be noted against the application and a photocopy of documents may be made.

Photocopied documents

If posting, photocopied applications do not need to be certified (unless for a Change of Name registration). Photocopied documents will be kept by CBS. The type of identification provided will be noted on the application, similar to original documents.