Royal Adelaide Show 2018 – CBS compliance activity

CBS inspectors and compliance officers attended the Royal Adelaide Show 2018 (‘the show’) checking traders and products and ensuring compliance in the following areas:

Product safety

Product safety officers from CBS have inspected more than 1500 individual items in almost 400 showbags. Only a few issues have been identified with items this year, compared with previous years. A couple of items with safety concerns were removed from showbags before the show started, due to safety concerns.

Liquor licensing

Inspectors attended the show checking vendors and bars were displaying correct signage, licences were displayed and persons in charge were on duty. CBS officers took the opportunity to educate and remind businesses of their obligations in relation to responsible service of alcohol, provision of free water, and rules around serving alcohol to minors and intoxicated persons.

There were a large number of liquor outlets operating at the show this year, using limited licences and ongoing special circumstance licences. Overall, the level of compliance with SA liquor laws was pleasing and the attendance of CBS inspectors was welcomed.

Building products and services

Stall holders selling home improvement products and services were also visited to make sure they were appropriately licensed and also displayed their licence details, as required under occupational licensing laws.

CBS staff were also looking for compliance with the ACL, in particular unsolicited consumer agreements – where the seller approaches a customer to sell a product or service. In these cases, the consumer may be entitled to a cooling off period, in the same way if there is an unsolicited approach at home e.g. door to door selling or telemarketing.

Anyone wishing to raise any safety or compliance concerns should contact CBS on 131 882.