SA government collaboration

CBS in conjunction with SAPOL, SafeWork SA and the City of Adelaide recently participated in a joint operation targeting safety for patrons and staff at licensed venues in the Adelaide CBD. This initiative links to the ‘creating a vibrant city’ priority, one of the South Australian government’s seven strategic priorities. Minimising alcohol fuelled violence ensures that Adelaide continues to attract visitors that can enjoy a safe city.

Although a number of offences were detected and addressed, all compliance officers involved were generally pleased with the results. Each regulator had a different focus area however a collaborative approach meant resources were used more efficiently.

CBS officers focused on compliance with regulatory requirements relating to the supervision and management of licensed premises as well as compliance with the codes of practice. With twelve premises visited, CBS officers detected no breaches and were impressed with the high level of compliance.

Building relationships with other like minded government agencies is advantageous for future operations and intelligence building. A shared presence in the field often acts as a deterrent and instills community confidence.

Some fines and reports were issued by SAPOL rendering the operation a success and ensuring that venues, patrons and employees remain safe.