Consumer and Business Services (CBS) investigates and enforces laws for consumers. Our investigations may focus on:

  • unlicensed traders
  • traders who are suspected of breaking the law or their licence conditions
  • business tactics that take advantage of people who are vulnerable
  • traders who take payments for goods and services but fail to do the work

CBS Compliance and Enforcement Policy 2022-23

Industry areas of focus

CBS is also focusing on compliance issues in the following industries:

  • associations
  • building
  • casino, gaming and wagering
  • liquor
  • plumbing, gas fitting and electrical
  • real estate and conveyancing
  • second-hand vehicle dealers
  • security and investigation agents

Report unfair trading

Investigation outcomes

CBS uses the following actions to enforce the law following their investigations:

  • taking the matter to court
  • issuing fines
  • public assurances and undertakings
  • public warnings
  • written warnings

Australian Consumer Law guide

Compliance and enforcement: how regulators enforce the Australian Consumer Law